What is a Legacy Session?

At Storybook Portraits, we love creating magic, but we are equally passionate about instilling confidence and creating timeless portraits, which is why we introduced our Legacy sessions. Our royal session is more simple and classic. It’s all about showcasing your child’s personality. The set and outfits are elegant and give more of a royal family vibe. We can even incorporate special items from your home to make the portraits more personal and unique. This is perfect for parents who want to have a simple, timeless portrait.

What Will We Wear?

Selecting outfits for your session can be both enjoyable and a bit overwhelming. We understand, and we’re here to make this process easier for you. Hopefully, this selection will be a helpful guide to make it a fun experience!

Below, you’ll find the colors of the infinity dresses we offer, along with our recommended choices. These colors complement our Legacy session style and are sure to enhance the overall look. Feel free to explore the color palettes and choose the ones that resonate best with your vision! (We recommend the matching or classy gradients)

Dusty Blue Color Palettes –
Royal Blue Color Palettes –
Charcoal Grey Color Palettes –
Taupe Color Palettes –
Sage Color Palettes –
Moss Green Color Palettes –
Dark Green Color Palettes –
Burgundy Color Palettes –
Rosewood Color Palettes –
Coral Color Palettes –
Mauve Color Palettes –
Dark Purple Color Palettes –

Your family will be greeted by a personal stylist, who will guide you throughout the experience. We have a variety of infinity dresses for girls/women that are tailored to fit all body types. We also provide a suit ensemble for boys to feel their royal best. We do not provide outfits for men so if your child/adult male is attending the session, we ask you to bring your outfit. To add a little extra sparkle we also provide royal headpieces, necklaces, bracelets, clip-on earrings, and rings to accessorize! The only thing we ask of you is to make sure your hair and any makeup are done before your arrival here at our studio. After the styling is completed, your family will make their way into our hand-built set, where we will create a series of poses that beautifully capture the essence of your family.

Why we do Legacy Sessions?

We believe in preserving memories through our artwork and giving families a lasting visual reminder of childhood. We know having a portrait with us preserves a moment in time that helps your child remember who they are at specific stages of life and how being royal made them feel special and confident. Our mission is to make your child feel forever loved when we create their very own fairytale portrait.


How Do I Book A Session?

If you would like to apply for an invitation, click the link below:

If you would like to book as a regular client, please give our studio a call and we can assist you in scheduling.