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What is Our Storybook Collection?

A Storybook Collection can be viewed in many different ways and our Art Designers are happy to share all those possibilities with any of our clients. Our collections consist of multiple portraits put together to show the storyline of what the Princess and/or Prince did that day in their castle. It not only provides a beautiful set of artwork for our clients to hang in their homes but also a longer lasting memory of the full experience we offer. 


Our signature Leather Texture Finish is unique to our studio. We have spent years perfecting the artwork of heirloom quality images to be passed down for generations to come. The images come mounted on an art board and sealed in our leather lamination, making the images scratch, water, and uv light resistant. As an added bonus, all our framed portraits come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning if something ever happens to your portrait, we will replace it at no cost.

What is our Canvas Wrap Finish?

Here at Storybook Portraits we love to give our clients options on how to hang their portraits in their homes. Although the Leather Texture finish is our main style, we do also offer Canvas Wraps here at our studio. Since the frame is prebuilt into the image we do still include our frame guarantee ensuring that your portraits stay protected for forever in your home.

Why do we believe in our Artwork and Collections? 

We believe and our clients have experienced that kids who grow up in a home with portraits of themselves or their family have more confidence. We feel honored to give every kid the chance to see themselves as royalty and have that to boost their self-esteem for years to come.